Corvette World Sees A Big Shakeup With Sale Of Kerbeck

Kerbeck has been the number one Corvette dealership for an incredible 27 consecutive years. They want to make sure you know it too; it’s the first thing you’ll notice if you visit their website. Also displayed proudly on their site? That the franchise had the most number of C8 Corvette Stingray allocations of any dealership. The world’s largest Corvette dealer even made a few headlines back in January for having 11 C8 Stingrays lined up in front of their showroom, all of which were painted in Red Mist. Sights like that have been a common occurrence at Kerbeck Corvette since 1994. However, the legendary Atlantic City dealer is being acquired by the Ciocca Dealerships group.

2020 2021 C8 Corvette Stingray
Image via GM.

What’s The Deal With Ciocca Dealerships?

Ciocca Dealerships is by no means a small operation. The group owns and operates nineteen different dealerships, a few of which include Audi, BMW, Ford, Chevy, and even Isuzu commercial trucks. Ciocca Dealerships was started over 40 years ago when Gregg Ciocca realized he was good at flipping cars for a profit. Now with over $1 billion in annual sales, the automotive group has moved to acquire the flagship Corvette dealership in Atlantic City.

What’s Changing In The World’s Largest Corvette Dealership?

The dealership name is probably the most impactful part of this acquisition: it’s being rebranded as Ciocca Corvette of Atlantic City. Otherwise, the legendary franchise won’t be seeing any major changes.

According to an article published by CorvetteBlogger, all of the Corvette sales specialists will continue their existing roles under the new ownership. For clarification, Kerbeck Corvette is not a stand-alone Corvette dealership; the purchase also includes the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac brands, although the vehicle sales of those brands dwarf in comparison to how much the dealer turns over what is America’s best selling sports car.

Kerbeck Corvette Charlie Kerbeck C8 Stingray
Image via Kerbeck.

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