COVE wearable device for sleep improves your sleep quality and reduces your stress levels » Gadget Flow

Take steps to improve your well-being with the COVE wearable device for sleep. This smart device helps to improve your sleep quality and lower stress levels naturally, without any harmful side effects. Its effectiveness is all down to the carefully calibrated vibrations which, when applied to the skin, elicit a calm, meditative state. As a result, you’ll feel more optimistic, relaxed, and rejuvenated. COVE offers 20-minute sessions to activate a calming pathway. Compared to competitive bedtime gadgets, you can use this wearable device throughout the day. So you schedule some self-care time to feel more relaxed in the day and rest better at night. Finally, sync this gadget to the app to track your heart rate, record your sleep, monitor stress levels, and more.

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