Covid-19: Cases below 50k, toll under 1k for 7th day | India News

For the sixth consecutive day, cases have remained below 50,000 while deaths too have not breached the 1,000 mark for seven days in a row. Wednesday saw 45,951 cases and 734 deaths as the second wave continued to go on a downward slope.
There is a mixed pattern at the global level. While both India and the US continued to report a decrease in cases, there seems to be a surge in Colombia, Brazil, Russia and the UK. At present, there are six countries where the latest available data on daily cases has exceeded the 20,000 mark.
This includes India, Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia and the UK. Kerala was the only state that saw over 10,000 cases on Wednesday. The state reported 13,658 fresh cases in the past 24 hours and was followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka and Odisha – each of them reporting over 3,000 fresh cases.

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