Cuellar: White House listening to ‘immigration activists’ on Title 42

Biden had long promised to revoke Title 42. But even as the state of the pandemic has improved in recent months, Democrats fear the policy’s repeal could exacerbate a precipitous increase in migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border and expose the party to Republican attacks ahead of the midterm elections in November.

“Yes, they’re listening to the immigration activists,” Cuellar told “Fox News Sunday” in an interview, referring to the White House. “But my question is, who’s listening to the men and women in green and in blue? And more importantly, who’s listening to the border communities, the sheriffs, the landowners, the rest of the people that live on the border?”

“How can you ask for international travelers to make sure … they’re vaccinated or even show their Covid-19 negative tests if they fly in?” Cueller added.

“How can we have the federal public emergency extended to July 15 and say there’s a pandemic going on in the United States, but at the border, everything’s fine and just let people in into the United States. … Those are mixed messages.”

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