Cure your weak Wi-Fi woes with the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+

(Pocket-lint) – If you have Wi-Fi dead spots you need to cure, then the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ is for you. It sorts your Wi-Fi woes by using beamforming – a technology that focuses signals on the device you’re using. 

The £59.99 devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ from network specialist devolo is an easy way to improve the strength of a signal on one floor of your home instead of a full mesh setup that’s designed to cover your entire property in stronger Wi-Fi.

devolo is one of the biggest names in Wi-Fi and Powerline adapters, with 40 million adapters in use internationally in 19 countries. 


The devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ an ideal purchase if you have a weak spot – such as a bedroom that you want to improve coverage in – you can use it as a simple extension to your existing network or as an independent Wi-Fi network with a different name. What’s more, it’s compatible with all existing routers and access points.

The devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ works across routers up to Wi-Fi 6 including Wi-Fi 5 (otherwise known as 802.11ac). Additionally, crossband repeating tech enables optimum use of your home network across both the 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. Band steering ensures your device is always connected to the most suitable band.

Fast roaming tech, sometimes known as client steering, also ensures your device always seeks out the best signal.  


Multi-user MIMO technology is at the heart of the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+er+, meaning it can support a large number of simultaneous connections to all your devices. Plus, an airtime fairness feature also means fast Wi-Fi devices are automatically prioritised over older, slower devices that you might have on your network.

And it’s secure, too, with support for the WPA2 and WPA3 wireless security standards.

If you need to connect up a wired device in the vicinity such a TV set-top box, games console or network printer then you can do that by connecting it to one of the two wired Ethernet ports on the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+. You can also use it in connection with a devolo Powerline network to extend range to another area of your home entirely. 

It’s easy to set up the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+. Simply plug it into a power outlet and use WPS – Wi-Fi Protected Setup – to configure it with the same username and password as your main router. Simply press the WPS button on the router and the one on the devolo WiFi ac Repeater+ and they will automatically configure. 

Should there be any problem, you can simply use the devolo home network app to sort it out, or make any other adjustments afterwards. The app can also help you choose the best location for the adapter, too. 

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