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Thursday’s horoscope features an air of cloudiness as the Sun heads towards a square to Jupiter. As a result, expect to feel overly ambitious, but also a little bit foggy.

When the Sun heads toward a Jupiter square, it tends to cause a sense of optimism that may not be justified.

Expectations and demands are heightened, and you might be feeling over-inflated.

This sensation is combined with Mercury coming into retrograde later in the month.

The retrograde, which is due to start in nine days’ time, is already starting to have an effect.

As the days near closer to the May 29 event, days may become increasingly foggy.

You might struggle to see the woods through the trees, or even explain the pictures you’re painting ahead of you.

The haze will be combined with today’s Virgo Moon, which only exacerbates the problem.

As you try to understand the world around you, you should expect chaos to reign.


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“The Sun arrives in Gemini today and heads towards a square to Jupiter,” said horoscope website Pluto’s Child.

“Our expectations or optimism may be over-inflated by this square, especially as we face the upcoming retrograde Mercury, which begins on May 29th.

“Essentially, we are moving towards a fog bank and there are increasing questions about the clarity of the information that we have at hand.

“It isn’t easy to describe the complete picture that we see — or think we see.

“Today’s Virgo Moon does little to help us sort through and organise what we have to work with and chaos is the likely result of attempts to ‘make some sense’ or describe something that is ultimately indescribable.”

But, while the day ahead might seem daunting, there’s a chance to turn it around.

Cloudiness breeds creativity. Exploit the environment to try new things.

“On the other hand, this is an excellent atmosphere for imaginative, creative exploration and pursuits,” it added.

Today marks the first of 28 days in Gemini, lasting until June 20.

You might be feeling unusually restless, and have persistent itchy feet.

There’ll be a temptation to try new things as you explore new opportunities.

But, after starting something new, you might quickly realise it’s not for you, and move onto something else.

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