Dango Products A10 Adapt Bifold Pen Wallet features a quick-release rail mechanism » Gadget Flow

Get a great everyday cardholder with the Dango Products A10 Adapt Bifold Pen Wallet. This EDC item has a patent-pending quick-release rail mechanism on both of its sides. It provides quick and easy access to your cards and keeps them in place. Additionally, this wallet also works with Dango’s full range of pocket adapters. That way, you can adjust it to suit your needs. Meanwhile, the chassis is made from machined 6061 aerospace-grade anodized aluminum, which keeps this wallet durable. It also holds up to 5 cards. What’s more, the A10 Bifold Pen adapter comes with the Dango Pen and notebook. The pen has an anodized aluminum barrel and cap. Also, the Dango notebook includes 48 pages, and it fits neatly in the A10 Bifold Pocket. Moreover, this pen pocket fits an additional 9 cards.

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