Daniel Snyder lost notable case against Bruce Allen

Daniel Snyder’s ongoing legal action inadvertently led to the reveal that he lost a separate case against his former team president.

According to federal court filings obtained by Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, the NFL ruled against the Washington Football Team owner last year in a dispute with ex-WFT president Bruce Allen in a legal battle over compensation. The document alleges that after firing Allen in December 2019, Snyder tried to get out of paying off the remainder of Allen’s contract, citing the pandemic as one of the reasons.

Allen said in his filing:

“After terminating Mr. Allen’s position with the Team, Mr. Snyder forced him to initiate legal proceedings to obtain the last of his contractually protected compensation. Specifically, on April 1, 2020, Mr. Snyder attempted to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to reduce the amount still owed to Mr. Allen. … This forced Mr. Allen to retain legal counsel and initiate a proceeding through the NFL to obtain his compensation, which he did.”

The NFL handles such disagreements privately through arbitration, which they did here. As noted, the league ultimately ruled in Allen’s favor, forcing Snyder to pay what Allen was owed.

Snyder and Allen were once friends and confidants, but that has fallen apart. Snyder has been obsessed with hunting down the source of a series of negative stories, many of which were posted online without evidence. That has led to the former friends becoming legal foes — and the subsequent public revelation of this lesser battle.

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