Darkwing Duck Stars in ‘Just Us Justice Ducks’

Darkwing Duck is starring in a collection of classic Disney Adventure comics from the publisher Fantagraphics, including “Just Us Justice Ducks.”

Warning! Spoilers for Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks: Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 1

It’s time to get dangerous, as Darkwing Duck’s comic adventures will be part of the upcoming Fantagraphics collection titled Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks: Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 1. The comic will feature the popular hero’s adventure from the 1990s comic based on his classic afternoon cartoons. Collecting some the best stories from Disney Adventures magazine and other related magazines, Just Us Justice Ducks brings one of Darkwing Duck’s best stories back to print!

The original Darkwing Duck premiered on the Disney Channel back in 1991 and ran for three seasons. The show starred superhero Darkwing Duck, a normal duck named Drake Mallard who becomes the hero known as Darkwing. The character doesn’t have any powers, but is known for using his over-the-top gadgets and weapons to fight crime. The original animated series is considered a classic – as Darkwing Duck still appears in Disney Cartoon to this day, including a recent starring role in a Ducktales special.

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Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks: Disney Afternoon Adventures will feature stories from David Cody Weiss and Bobbi JF Weiss, who have penned some of the most iconic comics for Disney Adventures Magazine. The upcoming collection will feature stories including “Just Us Justice Ducks,” where Darkwing Duck will team up with DuckTales’ Gizmoduck to take on the Fearsome Five. The collection will also feature stories starring Goofy and Max in the Goofy Movie adaptation, as well as the Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers story “The Legend of the Chaos God,” which co-stars Scrooge McDuck, the characters of Talespin, as well as Darkwing Duck. Screen Rant has a five-page preview of “Just Us Justice Ducks,” below.

In the preview, Darkwing Duck gets ready for a date with Morgana, but is called into action after noticing the villain Megavolt is sabotaging the city’s power supply.

Darkwing Duck offers Morgan to join him. When he arrives at the power company, he’s met with giant wind-up chattering teeth toys.

Morgan accidentally turns Darkwing into pudding while trying to save him from the teeth.

As the adventure unfolds, Bushroot and the Liquidator run into a police officer.

For those clamoring to read a classic adventure story starring Darkwing Duck and other beloved Disney properties, Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks: Disney Afternoon Adventures Vol. 1 looks to be a fun, must-read collection of some of their best stories. Vol. 1 of the Disney Afternoon Adventures series is out on July 27th and is available for preorder now.

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