D&D Character Build Ideas For Marvel’s Loki

Fans hoping to incorporate Marvel’s Loki into their Dungeons & Dragons campaign have a number of build options across race, class, and backgrounds.

Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most popular tabletop RPGs. Likewise, Loki, from Marvel’s comics and the MCU, is one of the most iconic and dynamic figures in the superhero genre. Fans interested in crossing universes by incorporating a Loki build in their D&D campaign can do so very easily by looking at the sly god’s personality and finding counterparts within the key character components of race, class, and background.

From his Norse roots to the newly released Loki Disney+ show that’s part of the MCU, Loki is a trickster at heart. A frost giant of the Jotunheim raised as a prince of Asgard, Loki is proud and cunning, and would much prefer to talk or trick his way out of conflict. When he is forced to fight, twin daggers are his weapon of choice, or Loki’s Scepter, enabling him to strike hard and get away quickly. Loki is also a showman with a flair for dramatic performances. Though Loki’s morality shifts over the course of his character arc, these tenets of his personality remain the same whether he’s helping Thanos take over the universe or working with the TVA to save the world.

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Before diving into a Loki Dungeons & Dragons character, it’s important to understand what stats are most important to create an authentic build. Loki tends to try and talk or trick his way out of any situation before resorting to violence, so Charisma should be his highest stat, followed closely by Dexterity as the god of mischief is a slippery character. Players should also decide which iteration of Loki they wish to play, as that will inform the character’s alignment, greatly influencing how he behaves in gameplay. Loki will always skew chaotic rather than lawful, but depending on his arc in the MCU timeline, he could be evil, neutral, or even good. Loki is usually looking out for himself above others, so chaotic neutral is likely the best fit.

Best Loki D&D Build – Race, Class, & Background

Dungeons and Dragons Loki build

The first concrete step in creating a Loki build is selecting a Dungeons & Dragons race, which will help shape the character’s abilities and will inform quite a bit of personality traits. There are a few options, most notably the half-elf, which will give players +2 Charisma and +1 to two other ability scores, which should be assigned to Dexterity and Wisdom. Half-elves also gain two skill proficiencies, which for Loki should be attributed to persuasion and deception, respectively. A changeling would also be a good choice, granting +2 Charisma, as well as incorporating Loki’s ability to shapeshift, though changelings are limited to humanoid alterations.

The most obvious base class in Dungeons & Dragons for Loki is the rogue, which will grant the character a thief’s proficiency and four more skills, which players should assign to Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Performance, and Perception. Rogues also come equipped with two daggers, allowing players to mimic Loki’s iconic fighting style. A Druid makes an excellent multiclassing option for Loki as well, as they can use change shape at level two to become a variety of animals. A bard would also make an excellent option, as the bardic inspiration and song of rest perks can immensely buff gameplay.

There are few Dungeons & Dragons backgrounds that could suit Loki, looking at options that would afford him the lavish and godly lifestyle to which he is accustomed. The best choice is likely the noble background, which would grant players additional skills in History and Persuasion, fine clothes, and 25 gp to start. NPCs will also look up to nobles, which is fitting for Loki’s princely status, and nobles have the option to have three retainers do non-combat tasks for the player character. These build options should allow interested players to create an accurate Loki Dungeons & Dragons character.

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