Deadpool Just Preserved the Future of the X-Men

Marvel’s X-Men could owe a major debt to Deadpool after the mercenary took out a major threat to young mutants – one they somehow missed.

Warning: contains major spoilers for Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #2!

The X-Men are in debt to DeadpoolDeadpool: Black, White & Blood #2 features a story in which the Merc with a Mouth stops a mutant enemy – likely leaving a bad taste in the team’s mouths once they find out. After all, they’d have to admit he took out a threat that they didn’t even detect.

Deadpool: Black, White & Blood is an anthology series that brings together brand new stories featuring Wade Wilson. After all, how else could he work with any of the X-Men considering most of them prefer to ignore his existence? Wolverine hangs up on him, they beat him up when he crashes their galas, and only Honey Badger can stand being around him. Now, a little show of gratitude may be in order.

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The story “Deadpool Party” by the creative team of Karla Pacheco, Leonard Kirk, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Joe Sabino features an unexpected team-up between Deadpool and Gambit. Unexpected for Gambit, that is. The mutant has been sent by Professor X to try and recruit a new mutant who has been on a criminal path. According to Deadpool’s sources, however, she is too far gone to leave alive – so he kills her, leaving Gambit stunned and confused.

Benjamina “Benji” Fredrick – a tech billionaire – has been manipulating cryptocurrency, but that’s not why Deadpool is taking her out. When Gambit reprimands Deadpool for executing her, Wade responds, “I thought you guys would be a little upset about her kidnapping and eating mutant babies?” This is something that Gambit’s intel did not include, meaning that the X-Men have no idea this has been happening. Immediately after, a horde of vampires comes after the duo, further solidifying Deadpool’s point. This vampire cult has been eating mutant babies believing the blood will let the undead “roam the Earth once again.” If Deadpool is to be believed, this is a major problem that he has provided the remedy for.

While his methods are largely questionable and not to the X-Men’s standards, they are undoubtedly effective. The threat is eliminated with a few slices and a large explosion that Deadpool uses his own body to ignite. His approach to solving problems is expected, but the X-Men not being aware of this threat certainly isn’t. The team is usually good at detecting mutant problems, but this is one that managed to slip through. With mutant babies safe from these vampires, there could be some new X-Men recruits in the eventual future. New students are important to keeping the mutant community not only safe, but growing steadily. Although they likely won’t thank him, Deadpool saved the potential X-Men of the future and – provided he was right about everything – they definitely owe him.

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