Denon AH-GC25NC noise-canceling headphones provide Hi-Res audio performance » Gadget Flow

Featuring the brand’s new FreeEdge driver, the Denon AH-GC25NC noise-canceling headphones deliver Hi-Res audio performance. This technology lets you hear the clarity of every word and instrument in your songs. They’re great for using for flights, commuting, and the office where you may need peace and quiet. Or for cranking up the volume for your favorite tracks. And with three noise cancelation modes, you’ll get the concentration-time that you need. Plus, the ambient monitor prevents you from missing any important announcement or intriguing conversation during wear. Furthermore, the Denon AH-GC25NC headphones offer a generous 40-hour battery life. And to wear for long periods of time, the headphones sport a soft, adjustable headband for comfort. And the dual-movement memory foam earcups provide extended wear. Finally, when you’ve finished, the lightweight folding design makes them portable and convenient to store.

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