Derrick & Cody To Launch YouTube Talk Show About BB23

Big Brother 16 alum Derrick and Cody are teaming up to launch a joint Youtube channel where they will discuss the upcoming season of the show.

Big Brother alum and former winners Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore are teaming up to launch a new YouTube channel focused around the upcoming season of the show. Throughout the videos they intend on posting, Derrick and Cody will be sharing their personal opinions on season 23. The YouTube channel has already been created; however, they have yet to post their first video.

Cody and Derrick competed alongside each other during season 16 of Big Brother in 2014. They quickly teamed up to work together in one of the most successful and iconic duos ever on the show, “The Hitmen.” While Derrick ultimately took home the half a million dollar grand prize that season, Cody returned to the show last summer for the All Star season during which he earned his season win. They are each praised within the Big Brother community not only for their individual game plays but also their loyalty while playing.

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Since they are both season winners, Cody and Derrick know an awful lot about how to play the Big Brother game successfully. Now, they are going to share their knowledge with fans as they watch the brand new season unfold. Cody and Derrick have created a joint Youtube channel in which they will be discussing Big Brother 23 this summer. They infamous duo will be sharing their thoughts and opinions on the 16 brand new cast members. They will also be giving recaps of the biggest moments throughout the season. Cody and Derrick will supposedly be posting new videos every week after the live eviction airs.

Derrick and Cody have already created the YouTube Channel, “The Winner’s Circle.” They have yet to post their first video on the page; however, it does have a “logo featuring The Hitmen from Big Brother 16.” As they prepare for the season premiere, and the start of their online talk show, Cody has been encouraging his social media followers to subscribe to the channel so they don’t miss out. As of writing, the channel is just shy of 100 subscribers. Hopefully they can gain some more subscribers before they start posting videos.

With the new season of Big Brother premiering in just a few short days on Wednesday, July 7, Derrick and Cody still have some time to prepare for their first Youtube video. Since it has already been rumored that there will be no eviction on premiere night, the first eviction is expected to take place on July 15. It is perceived that Cody and Derrick will get their weekly videos up on Friday mornings. This gives the Hitmen duo enough time to watch the episode before filming, editing and uploading their YouTube video. Maybe they will have some special guests, like former players or season 23 evictees.

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Big Brother 23 premieres Wednesday, July 7 at 8pm EST on CBS.

Source: The Winner’s Circle/ YouTube

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