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Discover The New FORM Camper For The Tesla Cybertruck

FORM is taking the Tesla Cybertruck on an adventurous road trip.

As EV enthusiasts of the automotive world continue to wait for the highly-anticipated Tesla Cybertruck to roll off the production line, aftermarket accessory companies are ahead of the curve with dedicated product lines to enhance their capabilities. The adventurous professionals at FORM are proud to unveil its latest portable camper design for the Tesla Cybertruck. The camper makes for an easy ride with minimal drag thanks to its approximate 1,000-pound structure. Once at the intended destination, the Tesla Cybertruck FORM Camper operates seamlessly as a detachable or free-standing design. The spacious interior layout includes essential amenities that include a kitchen, storage, and bedroom.

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The exterior transforms into an outdoor kitchen area for the days with perfect weather conditions. If more space is needed to fit an adventurous lifestyle, FORM Campers offers a 195-square foot option that turns into a comfortable living area with a kitchen and bathroom. The FORM Camper design for the Tesla Cybertruck breaks the mold of traditional electric vehicle capabilities, allowing owners to discover new roads in the most eco-friendly way. The all-new Tesla Cybertruck camper by FORM Camper is currently available starting at $49,500. Check back into Dupont REGISTRY Daily for more Luxury Lifestyle Gear news and releases. Click the link below to discover the Tesla Cybertruck Camper from FORM.

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