Doctor’s viral ‘body hacks’ to help you see in the dark and stop jab pain

HEALTH hacks have been around for years and are often passed down through friends and family members.

One TikTok doctor could however be your new port of call for body hacks and has revealed some top tips – including how to get rid of pain after a vaccination.

Millions of coronavirus vaccines have been given out in the UK as the country continues to fight back against Covid-19.

All medications have side effects and the Covid jabs are no different – with some people reporting a sore arm after their jabs.

Dr Anthony Youn said that if you want to be pain-free after an injection then you should itch around the area that is about to be jabbed.

This he explained, will confuse the nerves and stop the area from hurting.

Another body hack he highlighted was how to see better in the dark.

It has recently been revealed that eating carrots doesn’t actually help you see better in the dark.

Nutritionist, Lily Soutter said that while carrots contain lots of vitamin A – which helps maintain healthy vision, they don’t help you see any better in the dark, a popular line many people tell their kids to help them eat more veggies.

But Dr Youn says you can trick your body into being able to see better in the dark.

He explained: “To see at night, keep one eye closed while you turn the light on at night, and that way when the light turns off when you open that eye the pupil is still dilated and you’ll be able to see in the dark.”

Another top body hack centres around a tickle in your throat.

As the autumn and winter months draw in it’s likely that many of us will experience a sniffle here and a cold there.

Dr Youn explained that if you have a tickle in your throat then you should scratch at your ear – this he says, will help the sensation go away.

Dr Youn shared the intriguing tricks with his 5.1 million followers who were stunned by how easy the hacks were.

Many TikTok users agreed that the hacks were helpful and that they ‘actually worked’.

Someone else commented: “Interesting! Especially the one about memorising content.”

“Wise words sir,” one fan added.

Another user said: “I needed these hacks, thanks.”

Aside from the hacks above, he also shared how to get rid of brain freeze.

He also highlighted the best way to get rid of an itch caused by a mosquito bite and how to revise in preparation for a big test.

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