Dodge CEO Hints At More Product News Coming During Hornet Reveal

Dodge is heading towards electrification, and without a doubt, many aren’t too excited about the arrival of an EV muscle car. However, brand CEO Tim Kuniskis explained that the brand’s two-year “Never Lift” campaign is meant to get loyal customers ready for its first EV in 2024. Moreover, Kuniskis eluded that the newly appointed Dodge Chief Donut Maker may be driving an upcoming special edition of the Challenger Hellcat muscle car. And he also mentioned that there’s more future product news coming that will drop when the Dodge Hornet SUV is revealed. Let’s dive in.

Dodge Never Lift Campaign: Preparing For The First EV

The exciting Dodge Chief Donut Maker competition was focused on hiring a brand ambassador to help bridge the gap for Dodge fans concerned about the transition. Kuniskis told Fox News that the idea is to have a fan, someone “in the brotherhood,” get a peek under the tent and see what’s coming, then share that with the rest of the loyal Dodge fans. The idea is to ease people into it and give them time to decide by the time the car goes on sale. There’s a mix of Dodge owners that are heavily against Dodge building an electric muscle car and others that are excited that the company is doing things differently.

Kuniskis promises that the car will stay true to the brand and be Dodge first and an EV second. They’re building something that “drives like a Dodge, looks like a Dodge, sounds like a Dodge, and performs like a Dodge” while being electric. Kuniskis also noted that the EV flipping point would come when the prices are on par with internal combustion engines and the charging infrastructure to support them is less of a concern. However, he’s also aware that having an electric car in the lineup isn’t good enough as everyone will be electrified with time, and there needs to be something that makes sure they stand out from everyone else.

Chief Donut Maker May Drive New Special Edition Dodge Hellcat

Gary Gastelu of Fox News also asked Kuniskis why Preston Patterson was a little shy of oversharing details on his new company car, which all he mentioned was that it would be a black Challenger Hellcat. Kuniskis retorted by saying it was a “good catch” and mentioned the Never Lift Campaign calendar following that. So we’ll have to wait and see.

More Product News Coming Along With Dodge Hornet Reveal

Dodge CEO Tim Kunkiskis touched on that it’s important for the brand to have real names, and not clumsy alphanumeric codes that are all far too common. Names such as “Hellcat,” “Charger,” “Challenger,” and soon-to-be “Hornet,” as well as – according to him – “some other things we’ll announce when we announce the Hornet.” Cryptic? Yes. Curious? More so. Guess we’ll have to keep our ears to the ground and our eyes on the horizon for any further clues as to what that could mean.

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