Dodge Chief Donut Maker Position Open: $150K And Challenger Hellcat

Dodge likes having a bit of fun. From trolling Ford to hosting Roadkill Nights, America’s muscle car brand is leaning into the culture as much as it can, before things start getting really weird. It’s also looking to create a job. That job, which pays $150,000 USD a year, is their idea of a mascot. Titled as the Chief Donut Maker, that new hire will be act as an official Dodge ambassador, decked out in Dodge threads, will drive a Dodge SRT Hellcat, learn a thing or two at Radford Racing School, and rub shoulders with celebs at epic auto events. All they gotta do is show up, squeal the tires, take pictures, and hang out.

Bill Goldberg Dodge Chief Donut Maker
Image via Dodge

Dodge Chief Donut Maker: The Hiring Process

Getting the position is poised to be quite the adventure in itself as it starts with applicants submitting a short video showing why they’re best suited for the role, demonstrating charisma, passion, and creativity. Then the top 10 finalists will undergo a competition overseen by former WCW champion wrestler Bill Goldberg (who was also the first player to get cut from the Carolina Panthers in 1995). Next, contestants will be thrown into thrilling scenarios, including racing a Dodge horsepower heavyweight (with a professional driver on a closed track). Finally, the competition will be aired like a reality TV show as contestants are eliminated until the final episode, where Dodge’s new chief donut maker will be revealed this spring. In other words, they’re about to make the winner into a celebrity. At worst, you meet Goldberg.

If you’re unfamiliar with Radford Racing School, you might recognize them formally known as Bondurant Racing School. They were officially renamed last year and recently signed a new multi-year agreement to keep the SRT Experience Class in place for the foreseeable future. The class offers admission to a 1-day course that is included with the purchase price of any Dodge SRT Hellcat product, provided that you submit your qualifying VIN within the first 12 months of taking delivery. The experience includes basic car control skills and theory, emergency accident avoidance, slalom racing, autocross sessions, lead-follow lapping, and hot-lap instructions with one of Radford’s pro coaches riding shotgun. We suspect that Dodge’s chief donut maker will receive lessons beyond this to better equip them for the position, but the experience is unclear.

Dodge will begin taking applications on January 20, 2022, with a deadline of February 28, 2022. Applicants will need to show, in a short video (maximum length of two minutes), that they embody the spirit of the founding Dodge Brothers. Aspiring donut makers can apply at the Dodge Garage.

Dodge Chief Donut Maker
Image via Dodge.


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