Dr Disrespect Leads Gamerobics Music Video For Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Dr Disrespect stars in a new Mountain Dew Game Fuel ad where he leads a “gamerobics” class and sings a song that he composed about the drink.

Infamous streamer Dr Disrespect is back in yet another Mountain Dew Game Fuel ad. The commercial isn’t a typical 30-second TV spot, though. Dr Disrespect sings to the gamers of the world about how Mountain Dew Game Fuel is the ultimate key to victory while leading an aerobics (or “gamerobics”) class. It’s a rather unique, but catchy, ad for the well-known gaming-associated drink.

Dr Disrespect is renowned for his talent for bouncing back. After a number of controversies, Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch last year. No clear reason has been offered up as to why Twitch finally pulled the trigger on its poster child, but there are a number of rumors, ranging from legal issues to collapsed business deals. Whatever the case may be, Doc hasn’t lost much steam. The former Call of Duty developer turned livestreamer has since ended up on YouTube and reps one of the biggest beverage companies out there: Mountain Dew.

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Dr Disrespect has been a partner with Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel brand for some time now, and his latest stint involves a full blown music video heavily inspired by ’80s workout videos. The gamerobics instructor, Dr Disrespect, showcases his moves and sings a song he composed, praising Game Fuel in the process. Amusingly enough, another Game Fuel ad briefly put Dr Disrespect back on Twitch by mistake. It’s unlikely that this one will also appear there, but gamers can watch the video below.

To celebrate the video, Game Fuel is also offering any customers who buy a case of the drink on a chance to win a limited edition cassette tape commemorating Dr Disrespect’s gamerobics class. It’s a rather unique ad, but it shows that Dr Disrespect’s action hero personality and brand has managed to influence one of the biggest beverage companies out there. Whether or not Dr Disrespect’s crossovers with Mountain Dew will continue to grow in ambition remains to be seen.

Regardless, Dr Disrespect is appearing virtually everywhere, despite no longer being on Twitch. It’s safe to say he’s starting to become a household name, and Twitch will likely begin to miss him as he becomes harder to ignore. Whether or not his continued growth will ever lead to the two parties repairing their relationship remains to be seen, but it’s evident that Dr Disrespect is going to be just fine either way. Doc continues to stream on YouTube on a regular basis and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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