Dragon Ball’s Vegeta Just Revealed The Name Of His Latest Transformation

In chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta not only names his new transformation, but shows off why it’s truly terrifying.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75!

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super is heating up as Vegeta recently underwent a never-before-seen transformation that looked and sounded like a combination of Ultra Instinct and the God of Destruction’s power. Vegeta confirms this to the Cerealian Granolah by seemingly coming up with the name of his new form on the spot: Ultra Ego.

Vegeta isn’t the only hero fighting Granolah. Both he and Goku were deceived by Granolah’s accomplices who came to Earth specifically asking for their help to fight a powerful new enemy. After agreeing to this request, the Saiyans were transported to planet Cereal where Granolah waited to finally enact his revenge upon the Saiyan race. Granolah is the sole survivor of the Cerealians who were completely wiped out by the Saiyans while under the employment of Frieza. Although Goku and Vegeta were but mere children when the genocide transpired, Granolah is so fueled by his need to avenge his people that he is hell-bent on destroying them regardless of their complicity.

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Although initially quite weak, Granolah recently sacrificed years of his life when making a wish to his planet’s Dragon Balls to become the strongest fighter in existence. This strategy proved quite effective against Goku who first faced off against the Dragon Ball-powered Cerealian and lost. Vegeta originally proved to be no match for Granolah, either, until he transformed in the previous chapter, suggesting that Vegeta’s new form somehow involves both Ultra Instinct and Destruction: “A God of Destruction taught me… that power derived solely from Instinct… is unbounded.” Vegeta just now began showing off the true potential of his so-called Ultra Ego and how his power is now truly unbounded but without the limitations of Instinct in chapter 75.

It’s important to Vegeta that Ultra Ego is only his. Until recently, Vegeta trained alone and never entertained the idea of asking for help. He even expressed this philosophical mindset to Jiren during the Tournament of Power. Yet, in the more recent arcs, Vegeta’s ego and pride have taken extensive hits as he’s been forced to do things that he abhors. The most recent example being when he begged Beerus to help him become better than Goku. But this Ultra Ego transformation has liberated, even redeemed Vegeta, for he achieved this all on his own.

This is also a pivotal moment for another reason. Vegeta may have actually surpassed Goku, something which he’s desperately sought after ever since Goku became a Super Saiyan before him. Even if Vegeta loses against Granolah, as the ending of the latest chapter suggests he does, Vegeta can at least know that he finally bested Goku. But, of course, like everything else in Vegeta’s life, this only serves to make this pivotally sweet moment for the Saiyan Prince a bittersweet one, at best. However, one thing is absolutely certain. Goku should not one-up Ultra Ego. It’s been a pattern as of late where Vegeta finally gains the upper hand on Goku before losing his lead instantaneously. The most recent example being when the Saiyan Prince mastered Forced Spirit Fission after Goku couldn’t, but then only used the technique to further underscore Goku’s ongoing success by helping Goku defeat Moro, the Planet Eater. That trend needs to end as Dragon Ball Super goes forward.

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