Elden Ring Appears To Have Its Own Dark Souls Fire Keeper

Though Elden Ring is an original story outside of the Dark Souls franchise, the cloaked woman in the trailer fits the FromSoftware aesthetic.

FromSoftware has a very distinct style, and Elden Ring doesn’t appear to be making any wild departures. It’s been two years since the next title from the celebrated Japanese developer was announced, and fans were delighted to finally receive some more footage of Elden Ring at Summer Game Fest 2021 Live Kickoff. Elden Ring is purported to be the FromSoftware’s largest undertaking yet, with an expansive open world as opposed to the tightly designed areas of the studio’s previous works. That said, Elden Ring has been comically referred to as “big Dark Souls” frequently, but that may turn out to be a fairly apt description.

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Not only does Elden Ring appear to have the trademark Dark Souls combat and difficulty, but many of the game’s themes and characters look as though they could have been plucked straight out of Dark Souls 3‘s Lothric. The game will seemingly focus on the exploits of a predestined character known as the Tarnished – a concept unalienable from many of FromSoftware’s recent titles – who may be guided by a character reminiscent of Dark Souls‘ Firekeepers.

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Firekeepers are inextricable from the iconic bonfires of the Dark Souls series. In the first game, various Firekeepers appear, watching over specific bonfires and keeping the flames alight so that the Chosen Undead can rest and receive Estus. Dark Souls 2 only features former Firekeepers – the old ladies in Things Betwixt. The Firekeeper is one specific character in Dark Souls 3, occupying Firelink Shrine and being the catalyst for the player to level up.

Elden Ring’s Cloaked Woman is Reminiscent of a Firekeeper

Elden Ring Tarnished Sitting by Bonfire

The new trailer for Elden Ring prominently features a cloaked woman, who appears to be the trailer’s main narrator. Although her overall disposition is similar to that of the Firekeepers, it’s very unlikely that that is her role. Elden Ring‘s entirely new story does not appear to take place in the same universe as Dark Souls, instead being set in a world called the Lands Between. Though the trailer does show a character sitting next to a bonfire (pictured above), there hasn’t been any indication that they are preeminent in the world, so there is no need for Firekeepers.

The cloaked woman in the Elden Ring trailer appears to be some sort of herald for the return of the Tarnished – some person or order which had fallen from grace sometime before the game begins. Her hooded figure is especially similar to that of Dark Souls 2‘s Emerald Herald, who acted as a sort of guide for the player, as well as the one who granted more power through leveling. The cloaked woman’s role is unclear from the little shown of Elden Ring, but she appears allied with the player, and seems to have a mystical status akin to that of Dark Souls‘ Firekeepers.

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