ElecSuit e-haptic suit is designed for wear during EMS workouts and virtual reality games » Gadget Flow

Crafted with a super versatile design, the ElecSuit e-haptic suit has multiple uses. You can wear it while you game in VR or work out and want electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). In fact, this 5-in-1 suit ensures that you can get better results even if you work out less. Use it for VR haptics, VR yoga, EMS cardio, EMS workouts, and massages. And a 20-minute EMS workout is equal to a 1-hour normal workout. Customize the electrical signals and simply control it via the app—the electrical signals exercise your muscles. Furthermore, it’ll feel as comfortable as your skin does thanks to its ultrathin and lightweight design. Play ElecSuit’s VR content and have so much fun that you don’t even remember you’re working out!

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