Eliminate all blind spots with the EZVIZ C8W Pro camera

(Pocket-lint) – Traditional security cameras have one major flaw – the inability to monitor every inch of your property. Even the most sophisticated security cameras with wide-angle lenses lead to blind spots that can be manipulated by unwelcome guests. With traditional security cameras, the only way to eliminate blind spots is to install multiple cameras in every space to target different angles, which can be pretty expensive and inconvenient. Pan-and-tilt cameras, meanwhile, allow you to cover every angle of your property to eliminate all blind spots.

EZVIZ has recently unveiled the C8W Pro, one of the world’s most sophisticated pan-and-tilt cameras. Unlike traditional security cameras, the C8W Pro uses artificial intelligence and human detection features to pan toward the source of movement. Instead of purchasing several security cameras for different angles, you can cover all angles with one camera. In addition to the C8W Pro, you can also find other pan-and-tilt cameras in the C8 line of security cameras.

This article describes the most attractive features of the EZVIZ C8W Pro pan-and-tilt camera.

Eliminate all blind spots with 360-degree panoramic vision

EZVIZ C8W Pro is a security camera with a 2K resolution and 360° panoramic coverage. The device’s pan-and-tilt mechanism works with motion detection and human detection features to give you a complete picture of the surroundings. The device features 340° horizontal rotation and 80° vertical rotation features, which is enough to cover all possible angles. When combined with motion detection and auto-tracking features, the 360° panoramic vision truly comes to life.

Identify moving people and vehicles with AI

EZVIZ C8W Pro features a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm that can identify movements from people and vehicles. Instead of focusing solely on motion, which can also occur because of trembling leaves or insects, C8W Pro’s AI focuses on the shape of vehicles and humans. As such, the C8W Pro eliminates false alerts from inanimate objects. You can also customize detection zones to eliminate movements from certain areas, such as the street.

Automatically follow human movements

The C8W Pro can lock into the areas registering movement from humans and vehicles. Once it has locked into the source of movement, the camera rotates to follow the human’s movement and record the activity. You can use this feature to follow the activities of your pets or loved ones. And if an intruder enters or comes close to your property, you can rest assured that the camera will follow their movements.

Pinpoint multiple preferred viewing angles

One of the problems people have with traditional pan-and-tilt cameras is that they don’t always return to the most important angles. But the C8W Pro allows you to program up to 12 angles of importance. No matter how complex the tracking, the camera’s lens will focus on the most important angles, such as your home’s entry and exit points. Even after following movements, it will always return to the angles of interest.

Interact with visitors or potential intruders

The C8W Pro comes with an inbuilt microphone that allows you to communicate with potential intruders, visitors, or delivery agents. You can simply speak into your smartphone app, allowing you to communicate with the visitors. This is the ideal means of scaring off potential intruders or talking to delivery agents. You can inform your delivery agents where you want them to place your packages or if you have any other instructions.

Protect your home at night with dynamic night vision

The C8W Pro has dynamic night vision with three powerful modes – full-colour night vision, black-and-white night vision, and smart night vision. The camera features two inbuilt spotlights that provide full-colour night vision. If you don’t want the spotlights turned on, you can switch to infrared night vision, which provides up to 30 meters of black and white vision. Or you can use smart night vision, which turns into colour night vision when human movements are detected.

Defend your property with loud sirens and spotlights

The C8W Pro features an active defence feature that allows you to protect your property from potential intruders. When the camera’s human and motion detection sensors identify intruders, the camera starts blaring a loud siren and flashes two spotlights. This is the most effective means of scaring off intruders and preventing them from entering your property.

Other pan-and-tilt cameras from EZVIZ


  • Intelligent dual lenses for optimal colour correction
  • 360° panoramic coverage with pan-and-tilt functionality
  • Picture-in-picture display mode to compare live and recorded footage
  • Ultra HD 8x mixed zoom for optimal vision
  • AI-powered human shape detection for precise alerts
  • Inbuilt two-way intercom
  • Up to 30 meters of infrared night vision


  • 1080p resolution with H.265 video technology
  • 360° panoramic coverage with pan-and-tilt functionality
  • 352° horizontal rotation and 95° vertical rotation
  • AI-powered human shape detection for precise alerts
  • Inbuilt two-way intercom
  • Three-night vision modes – full colour, black-and-white, or smart

EZVIZ C8W Pro is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and sophisticated pan-and-tilt cameras on the market. In addition to eliminating blind spots, the motorized pan-and-tilt mechanism works with AI human detection and auto-tracking features to ensure optimal precision of footage. If you’re looking for an advanced security camera that potential intruders can’t evade, the EZVIZ C8 series is worth considering.

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