Elon Musk Admits That The Tesla Cybertruck Could Be A Failure

Elon Musk is an unconventional man. And perhaps the main reason that the Tesla Cybertruck is an unconventional truck. Even the entire EV company that is Tesla was once considered wildly unconventional not too long ago. The simplistic, yet futuristic design of the Cybertruck is something that most people either love or hate. Even though the electric truck debuted almost two years ago, people haven’t even really had a chance for it to grow on them. Perhaps that day will finally come once Cybertrucks start casually rolling around the streets. Or maybe, that day just won’t come. According to ranting op/ed on, the Cybertruck will be Tesla’s first flop, and even Elon Musk agrees that it’s a total possibility. Check out his tweet below:

Elon Musk Is Aware And Still Doesn’t Care…Yet?

If you read the tweet, you’ll notice that Elon doesn’t even care if the Cybertruck does flop. He loves it and no one can tell him differently. Let’s take a step back though. Just because Lord Elon doesn’t care if no one else likes his Cybertruck doesn’t mean that Tesla (and it’s stock) couldn’t end up taking a huge hit both financially and reputation-wise. The fact of the matter is that Tesla isn’t just some oddball electric vehicle company in the auto industry anymore.

The titan automakers in Detroit have shifted their focus to the EV segment and are proving themselves forces to be reckoned with. Ford will undoubtedly take the world by storm next spring when the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning deliveries take place. Even GMC has done a complete one-eighty revitalization of the Hummer brand in the form of the magnificent Hummer EV. But the advantages that Ford and GM’s electric trucks have over Tesla’s Cybertruck aren’t just the long standing brand recognition, it’s the fundamental design.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck.
Image Via Ford.

Tesla Cybertruck Has A Whole Lot Of Competition

Even the bulbous shape of the Hummer EV isn’t particularly striking or eye-pleasing. However, it still maintains a futuristic design that looks somewhat harmonized. Ford has done an arguably much better job than GM did as the F-150 Lightning combines that sleek EV look with the classic F-series lines. Even Ram is getting in on the action and is developing a Ram 1500 EV truck. The point here is that many consumers are still on the fence about all-electric vehicles, and many of those consumers probably aren’t looking to dive in headfirst to the EV world with a vehicle that looks like the Tesla Cybertruck. And while Tesla already has to concern themselves with trying to siphon away customers from the big brands like Ford, GMC, and Ram, there’s always the dark horse competition from Rivian’s R1T and Bollinger’s B2.

While Elon Musk certainly isn’t an idiot and acknowledges that the Cybertruck could indeed flop as consumers migrate to more usable, conventionally designed electric trucks, the opinion article from makes a broader point. It argues that the Cybertruck just won’t sell well, and that Tesla will eventually find itself reworking the design. Once that happens, the article states the Cybertruck will sell “en masse.” While we hope that the Cybertruck doesn’t flop, Tesla should consider the idea that not everyone wants a truck that, “…looks like it was made by aliens from the future.” Only the future will tell.

GMC Hummer EV Off-road Terrain
Image via GMC.

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