Elon Musk Insists You Can ‘Most Likely’ Overpower This Humanoid Robot Built to Replace You

It’s 5’8″, can deadlift 150lbs and can move at 5mph… but it’s totally “friendly”.

Terminator… Blade Runner… I, Robot… Robocop… 2001: A Spacy Odyssey… they’re all just films, nothing to worry about!

So says Elon Musk, who just unveiled a humanoid robot built to replace you, sorry relieve you, at your job.

The Tesla Bot, a surprise reveal at the end of Tesla’s AI Day on Thursday, is a bipedal automaton that is designed to take over “dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks,” but definitely won’t take over, say, the world or humanity.

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Standing at 5’8″ tall and weighing a sleek 125 lbs, it can carry 45lbs and can deadlift 150lbs, and can move at a steady murderous 5mph.

It will have human level articulation in its hands, capable of holding tools — a knife or a gun for example — while it will be controlled by the same autopilot computer that powers and guides Tesla’s self-driving cars.

“It makes sense to put that onto humanoid form,” Musk said during his 90 minute presentation, claiming the bots could be sent to repair your car or pick up your groceries… but not to kill you.

“It’s intended to be friendly,” he assured, “and navigate through a world built for humans.”

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And even if one did go rogue, you should be able to overpower it… or at least outrun it.

“At a mechanical level, at a physical level, you can run away from it – and most likely overpower it,” Musk said, to laughter. Nervous laughter.

He said he hopes to have a prototype ready next year.

To put your mind at ease about these supposedly subservient beings, here’s footage Boston Dynamics released this week of their robot casually doing a parkour course that you definitely cannot:

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