Ep. 13 Recap Of Kalani, Asuelu, Fernanda & Jess Caroline

Asuelu and Kalani showed their playful sides in this 90 Day Bares All episode, and Fernanda didn’t want to say that Bobby looks like Jonathan.

Episode 13 of 90 Day Bares All  had a different format, and in turn, it had mixed results. Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa made an appearance to discuss their relationship, and Asuelu got a makeover. 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life and Pillow Talk castmates Jess Caroline-Hanvey and Yazan Abu Horira (with translator Adam) appeared to dish a little on their exes and give some life updates. The episode also had Fernanda Flores talking about dating after her divorce from Jonathan Rivera. 

We also got more of 90 Day Bares All exclusive interview with Armando Rubio and Kenny Niedermeier. It was another emotional segment as they discussed coming out to their families, and Kenny’s decision to leave his family to be with Armando. We also got an exclusive clip of the upcoming 90 Day Fiance season 8 tell-all episode. Things got intense between Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa. Let’s go right into the 90 Day Bares All episode 13 recap.

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Kalani Faagata & Asuelu Pulaa 

Shaun Robinson went right into mentioning how things weren’t looking great for their relationship in the last tell-all episode. Robinson didn’t even expect them to still be together. Kalani agreed that she was shocked as well that they worked it out. She said that Asuelu and her were in “an okay place” at the moment. 90 Day Bares All also showed a funny clip of Asuelu not completely understanding phrases like “choke the chicken,” and Kalani laughing. 

Another clip was shown from 90 Day Fiancè: Happily Ever After that showed Kalani and Asuelu disagreeing on who has the worst fashion sense. This sparked Robinson to give Asuelu a “makeover” by having him try out and model three different looks. The first was more business attire, the second was sportswear, and the final was a cowboy outfit. Kalani wasn’t a fan of any of the looks, but Asuelu had fun with the fashion show. 

Fernanda Flores 

Fernanda then joins Kalani and Asuelu on stage. Fernanda talks about her time on 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life and dating Bobby. Asuelu and Kalani make fun of their makeout scene, with Asuelu comparing their kissing to licking ice cream. Robinson also pointed out how Bobby looks like Fernanda’s ex-Jonathan. Fernanda then talked about the type of men that she likes, and she mentions hair being a big turn-on, along with being tall and confident, of course. 

The discussion then turned to moving to Chicago and how hurt she was to find out that Jonathan moved there with his new girlfriend. She mentioned the caption he posted about his move seeming like an insult to her. 

We then saw a brief sneak peek of the 90 Day Fiancé season 8 tell-all episode and Amira refusing to be on camera with Andrew there. Andrew then makes a scene and wants to leave the interview if Amira isn’t willing to be there so he can have a fair conversation. 

Jess Caroline-Hanvey and Yazan Abu Horira

Yazan first appeared via video chat with his translator Adam. They talked a little about his ex-fiancé Brittany Banks, but most of the conversation was about Yazan’s current fiancé Leena. He talked about their engagement and hopes to marry in July 2021. However, Yazan shared that he had yet to meet his fiancé Leena in person, but they video chat every day. Jess also comes on this segment to talk about her ex, Colt Johnson.

She shares that anyone who wants to date Colt needs to get comfortable dating Debbie as well, because she’s not going anywhere and their relationship will remain close. Robinson also played Bares All Bingo with Asuelu, Kalani, Fernanda, Jess, and Yazan. Bares All Bingo was played in a previous episode with Angela Deem and Julia Trubkina. The questions revolved around mainly intimate activities. The contestants have to mark it off on their Bingo card if they’ve done what Robinson pulls from the Bingo ball machine. One question revealed that Yazan has accidentally called Leena by Brittany’s name before, and Robinson teased him that Brittany will love hearing about this. 

Another question revealed that Jess was once intimate on a beach in Brazil. However, these five 90 Day castmates were way tamer compared to Angela and Julia. 

Armando Rubio & Kenny Niedermeier

Robinson then showed more of her exclusive interview with Armando, Kenny, and their families. Kenny’s children Bricen, Madison, Taylor, and Cassidy joined the chat. Armando’s mother and sister were still there from the previous segments. Robinson asked Kenny’s children how it felt seeing their dad not completely being accepted by Armando’s family. They said it was hard especially because of how they embraced Armando and just wanted to become a new family.

Robinson then asked them about Kenny coming out to them. They said there was no coming out because it was just always known by them. Then it shifted to how Armando’s mother felt when he came out. She said it was hard and Armando talked about feeling cursed because he was gay. The discussion also had Taylor talk about how she was resentful at first about Kenny leaving her and his grandson to be with Armando, but she knows it’s what makes him happy.  Armando’s daughter Hannah also joined the conversation. It was the more lighthearted moment from the segment. 

90 Day Bares All then returned to the studio and Fernanda and Asuelu both gave dance lessons. 

Catch 90 Day Bares All every Sunday on Discovery+. 

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