Epilogue GB Operator cartridge adapter lets you play Game Boy cartridges on your computer » Gadget Flow

Play your favorite Game Boy games over and over again with the Epilogue GB Operator cartridge adapter. It lets you play Game Boy cartridges right on your computer. Running via the mGBA emulator, it works with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. And since it runs on your PC, you also get integrated controller and cheat support. Best of all, it updates the save file while you play. That way, when you go back to your console, you can pick up exactly where you were. Moreover, the application is cross platform and works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, this gadget makes saving and backing up your files easier. So you never have to risk losing an important in-game event again. Additionally, this gaming gadget teaches you how to create your own retro games and write them onto blank cartridges.

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