Epomaker NT68 portable wireless 65% mechanical keyboard has an invisible foldaway stand » Gadget Flow

Type comfortably anywhere with the Epomaker NT68 portable wireless 65% mechanical keyboard. This computer accessory gives you the 65% layout you love in a portable, wireless form factor. What’s more, its invisible stand actually folds away. Best of all, the keyboard supports both Mac and Windows computers. There are even swappable keys so that you can convert the keyboard back and forth between the layouts. Impressively, the proprietary slim magnetic case comes with 3 holders for things like your phone or iPad pencil. Additionally, the case works as a stand. Use it to prop your phone and tablet while you type or adjust the NT68’s typing angle between 6–15.5 degrees. Moreover, the NT68 is available in both wired and wireless modes. In fact, the Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity lets you connect with up to 3 devices at once. Finally, the Gateron or Chocolate Switches options provide style and efficiency.

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