Erika Jayne Takes Credit For Juicy Four-Part Beverly Hills Reunion

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special will be continued in four parts. Erika Jayne is taking credit for the super-sized drama.

The reunion special of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be a four-part television event and Erika Jayne is taking credit for the super-sized drama. Fans are eagerly awaiting the highly-anticipated reunion, where it is expected that Erika will be in the hot seat. The “Pretty Mess” singer has been the center of RHOBH season 11 amid her divorce and legal controversies. The reality star is accused of spending millions from her ex-husband Tom Girardi’s legal firm, which is alleged to have defrauded victims of disaster. Despite claims that she was privy to Tom’s shady business, Erika is remaining confident online in the face of her haters and critics.

Beverly Hills reunion host Andy Cohen teased that the reunion special was going well during the special’s filming. Andy said it was  a”good reunion” on Instagram during a filming break, in which fans heard Erika laughing with the host in the background of the video. Fans were left guessing whether Erika had owned up to any wrongdoings during the taping. Cast mate Garcelle Beauvais revealed in an interview that Erika was “honest” at the reunion and indeed answered many burning questions. The hype for the reunion continues to build and Erika herself confirms she’s what is making this season’s finale.

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The former Mrs. Girardi is the reason the reunion will continue over four parts, Erika said in a tweet. The RHOBH star shared a clip from Andy’s recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to pat herself on the back. In the clip, Andy revealed the RHOBH producers didn’t want to “leave any content” from the juicy reunion taping on the cutting-room floor. “The reunion isn’t one part,” Andy said. “It’s not two parts, James. It’s not three parts, James. It’s a four part reunion!” Erika pointed to herself to thank for the upcoming drama.  “Now what would make it 4 parts??” Erika tweeted. “Me.” 

Erika’s tweet was met with expected criticism from RHOBH fans, who haven’t let up on Erika since the details of the lawsuit against her were revealed. “Yes, the compilation of your lies didn’t fit in 3 parts,” one user responded. “Which part do you apologize to the victims in?” another user grilled Erika. Fans continue to take issue with Erika’s nonchalant attitude about her situation. “Whether involved or not the huge lack of [sic] empathy by celebrating yourself getting more airtime on the back of tragedy,” one fan wrote. “No thanks.”

While Erika maintains her innocence in her involvement with Tom, she’s been tight-lipped about what she really knows all season 11. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans are on edge to see if Erika’s cold demeanor will last beyond her Twitter fingers and hold during the reunion. Many are hoping the ice queen reveals the truth and finally shows remorse for spending others’ cash.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Bravo.

Source: Erika Jayne/Twitter

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