Escape Fitness STRONGBOX training bench stores 6 pairs of dumbbells & 2 medicine balls » Gadget Flow

Keep your fitness equipment organized inside of the Escape Fitness STRONGBOX training bench. With 3 shelves to store 6 pairs of dumbbells and 2 medicine balls, it provides a home for gym accessories. It also features a quick-release compartment to hold resistance tubes and any other small fitness accessories. Moreover, this training bench isn’t just a storage container: it doubles as gym equipment. With ergonomically designed, octagon-shaped back pads, it provides enough clearance to support your back while you work out. So you have a comfortable, designated place to sit while you lift. Finally, the Escape Fitness STRONGBOX is available in 3 models: with just the bench, with dumbbells included, or all equipment included. Overall, transform space in your home into an intimate gym haven.

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