eufy SoloCam S40 security camera runs off sunlight and includes color night vision » Gadget Flow

Feel safer at home or when leaving your property unattended with the eufy SoloCam S40 security camera. This smart camera uses direct sunlight for its power, so you needn’t worry about changing the battery. In fact, just 2 hours of sunlight daily is enough to continuously power it. Furthermore, the eufy SoloCam S40 makes it easier to see your surroundings at night, thanks to color night vision. Best of all, this camera records details up to 8 meters away, so you can see exactly what’s going on. Moreover, this security camera features AI technology to detect people approaching in just 200 milliseconds, and it continues to learn to get familiar with your surroundings and habits. Finally, receive only important notifications by setting up to 2 activity zones to cover vital areas of your home.

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