Eve x Coulisse smart MotionBlinds are Matter ready and have motors that support Thread » Gadget Flow

Add style and simplicity to your home decorating scheme when you choose the Eve x Coulisse smart MotionBlinds. These smart shades have motors that support Thread for easier installation, automation, and control. The MotionBlinds are also Matter ready, so they are pretty much future proof and work with Apple HomeKit technology. So you can operate them right from your iPhone. Additionally, there’s no need to connect to a cloud, bridge, or register the product. They also support Bluetooth, and the setup is easy; just scan the HomeKit setup code with your iPhone, and you’re good to go. Moreover, you can program the blinds with schedules and interact with other HomeKit accessories like motion detectors and light bulbs. And, of course, the blinds keep your privacy in mind since all data gets stored on the motor.

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