Even DC is Making Fun of Tim Drake’s Code Names

A story from Batman: Urban Legends #4 shows that even DC can’t help but make fun of current Robin Tim Drake’s constantly-changing code names.

Warning: contains spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends #4

Tim Drake stands tall as one of Gotham City’s finest protectors, but a new story from Batman: Urban Legends #4 shows that even DC can’t help but get in on teasing the character for his constantly-changing code names. The current Robin has undergone quite a few character rebrands over the past couple of years, with an abundance of superhero identities to boot. Now, as the door opens on a new beginning for Tim, DC is reflecting on the character’s tendency to burn through hero names.

Tim first acted as Batman’s third Robin for about two entire decades following the iconic murder of Jason Todd by the Joker. When Nightwing temporarily became Batman during the “Batman R.I.P.” storyline, Tim left the mantle of Robin to Damian Wayne and took on the title of Red Robin. More recently, Tim changed his codename to Drake, a move that was hotly criticized by fans. Now, with Damian running away from Gotham City and embarking on his own journey, Tim has once again become the official Robin.

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A Tim Drake-centric backup story from Batman: Urban Legends #4, titled “Sum of Our Parts” and written by Meghan Fitzmartin with art by Belén Ortega, pokes fun at the Boy Wonder’s frequent rebrands. In the beginning of the story, Oracle contacts Tim but doesn’t even know what codename to address him by. “Which code name are you going by now? Are you Red Robin? Just Robin? I’m not calling you Drake,” she says to him before he responds that just “Robin” is fine.

Oracle talks to Robin.

The line is a clear acknowledgment of how controversial Tim’s “Drake” code name was, with the identity even having been teased by other DC heroes. But Oracle’s confusion is also a reminder of just how convoluted Tim’s character and history have become in recent years. He’s gone through so many identity changes and reboots that even his fellow heroes can’t remember which superhero name he’s using at any given time. He may have his classic origin back and he’s returned to his fundamentals as Robin, but this major roundabout journey for Tim feels pretty silly in retrospect. It’s nice to have DC acknowledge that absurdity before they begin this new chapter for the character.

It seems that Tim Drake’s identity crisis has finally been resolved, at least for the time being. Hopefully, his title as Robin sticks this time, or he at least finds a code name that he can settle into consistently. Otherwise, it won’t be long before the rest of DC’s superheroes have completely forgotten what to call him.

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