Every RTX 30-Series Card is in the Monday Newegg Shuffle

Update: Today’s Newegg Shuffle is over, but a new one usually pops up every Monday – Saturday at 1:00 PM EST. Check back tomorrow for a new selection of components!

Original Story: Monday’s Newegg Shuffle comes with every SKU of Nvidia’s best graphics cards from the Ampere line, plus a single AMD GPU and a bunch of motherboards and power supplies that you probably don’t want. The RTX 3060 and RTX 3090 are both here, as well as every option in between, including Ti and overclocked models. Plus, the Radeon RX 6700 makes sure AMD has some representation.

Of note is that all of today’s bundles come with either a motherboard or power supply attached, save for one bundle that instead opts to include a 1440p @ 165Hz Asus Monitor. Some of these are decent gear, like the Gigabyte Elite and Master series motherboards, but be careful around those power supplies. The Gigabyte power supplies included here have some pretty low ratings, although the EVGA bundles are likely a safer bet. Maybe.

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