Every Upcoming Pokémon Shown In New Pokémon Snap’s Trailer

It’s been revealed that New Pokémon Snap will receive a free content update in August, featuring three new areas and 20 new Pokémon to photograph.

Pokémon photography enthusiasts will be glad to know there is more content for New Pokémon Snap on the way. On Tuesday, August 3, three new areas are coming to the game, free for all players. When it launched, New Pokémon Snap had 24 courses spanning 11 different areas. Each area had a unique set of Pokémon, selected from the different generations. These three new areas are adding even more Pokémon, though not all of them were shown in the trailer, so more may be shown at a later date, or will simply be kept under wraps until the update is released.

Each area that came with New Pokémon Snap initially has a couple of different variations, letting players travel the same path at a different time of day, with resulting changes in what Pokémon are available. This will also be the case in the three new areas as well. Although the New Pokémon Snap free August update trailer primarily showed gameplay from the daytime excursions, a night version of each new area will be available as well, with some Pokémon exclusive to the daytime and vice versa.

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There are only nine new Pokémon shown in the free update reveal trailer, alongside many that were already in the base game. The Pokémon Company has confirmed that 20 new Pokémon in total are coming to Snap in August. Pokémon are being added to New Pokémon Snap from all over the Pokédex, but there’s a noticeable focus on first generation creatures in this new areas reveal. Every new Pokémon coming to Snap in August is listed below.

Every Pokémon Revealed For New Pokémon Snap’s New Areas


In the order they appear in the trailer, this is every new Pokémon revealed to be coming to New Pokémon Snap in August:

  • Onyx
  • Psyduck
  • Tropius
  • Swalot
  • Rockruff
  • Feraligatr
  • Gyarados
  • Shroomish
  • Snorlax

It’s unclear whether or not these new Pokémon Snap locations have to be unlocked like in the base game, or if they’ll be readily available. Regardless, while 20 new Pokémon doesn’t seem like a whole lot, there are some interesting additions. Rockruff was shown next to its evolution, Lycanroc, in the trailer, but Lycanroc was already in the game. Feraligatr is an exciting addition for Gen II fans, but neither Totodile nor Croconaw were shown. Some found it odd that Gyarados was missing from the base game, while Magikarp was in, but there may now be a similar situation with Feraligatr.

New monsters coming to New Pokémon Snap means there will most likely be some new, hard-to-find Pokémon behaviors in the game as well, especially on the new Secret Side Path area, where the NEO-ONE will shrink in order to gain a new perspective on the photography subjects. New Pokémon Snap felt a little light on content when it first released, so a free content update is definitely welcome, even if it doesn’t add as much to the game as some might have hoped.

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Source: The Pokémon Company

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