Everything In The Last Of Us Trailer That Isn’t From The Game

HBO’s The Last of Us promises very high fidelity to the game, though the official trailer still includes many elements not found in the source material. The Last of Us show is being developed by Craig Mazin, of HBO’s Chernobyl, and Neil Druckmann, who created the original video game and its sequel. Due to Druckmann’s heavy involvement in the show, it was expected that it would follow the game’s events very closely.

With that being said, some elements from The Last of Us‘s trailer were not found in the original game. The official trailer has plenty to unveil from new characters and those referenced but not seen in the game to unused concept art and creatures only found in The Last of Us 2. Here is a breakdown of every element from HBO’s new The Last of Us trailer that contains elements that are original for the adaptation.


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Joel And Ellie Meeting Another Couple

Last of Us HBO New Characters

One of the first elements from the Last of Us trailer that’s not part of the game is Joel and Ellie’s conversation with an older couple. Pedro Pascal’s Joel asks for the best way west, to which a man replies to go back east as there is only danger in the other direction. Bella Ramsey’s Ellie then retorts that the couple cannot scare them, to which the woman says they’ve already scared Joel. This encounter does not take place in the game and could be part of the unused concepts that Neil Druckmann stated would be part of HBO’s The Last of Us along with cameos setting up future seasons.

Joel And Ellie See The Northern Lights

Joel Ellie Northern Lights Last of Us

Another sequence in the Last of Us trailer shows Joel sitting by a campfire while Ellie stands and looks at the Northern Lights. This is not in the original game and is definitely part of the unused concepts. Art for the original game details Joel and Ellie sitting by a campfire and laughing together, yet this was not seen in the game. The Last of Us game spent much time bringing Joel and Ellie together before skipping over a lot of elements after the two embraced each other as family, until the final section. This means the Last of Us show could feature more scenes of Joel and Ellie bonding.

Ashley Johnson’s Character

Ashley Johnson Last of Us HBO

One thing that was confirmed to be part of HBO’s The Last of Us that is not in the game was a role for Ashley Johnson, the original voice actress for Ellie. The trailer seems to show Johnson playing Ellie’s mother, as there’s a shot of her holding a baby. This has led to the theory that Johnson is playing Ellie’s mother, which is a neat nod to the likeness Johnson shares with Ellie’s game design thanks to her motion capture performances. Ellie’s parents are only alluded to in the game and are not actually ever seen, meaning that Ashley Johnson playing this character is unique to the show.

Troy Baker’s Character

Troy Baker Last of Us HBO

Troy Baker, the original voice actor for Joel in the games, also appears in the Last of Us show trailer. Baker plays a character who is part of David’s crew. In the game, David and his group encounter Ellie when she is out trying to find help for an injured Joel. They are revealed the be cannibals and attempt to kill Ellie to eat her. While David is the figure from the group who is fleshed out the most, Baker’s character will likely be given a bigger role due to the actor’s relationship with Neil Druckmann and fantastic performances as Joel in the Last of Us games.

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Bill’s Partner Frank

Frank Last of Us HBO

The Last of Us show will feature Nick Offerman as Bill, a survivor who lives in a derelict town and knows Joel through the latter’s smuggling business. Throughout the section of the game involving Bill, hints are made about his former partner, Frank, who stole supplies and left Bill after growing tired of his methods of survival. Eventually, Frank is found to have hanged himself so he wouldn’t turn after being bitten. While Frank’s dead body is all that is seen of him in the game, the trailer for HBO’s adaptation shows Frank alive, played by Murray Bartlett. This means the character will be better fleshed out in the series.

The Stalker Infected Type

Stalker HBO Last of Us

The Last of Us includes many types of infected. The Last of Us series has showcased Clickers, Runners, and Bloaters thus far in its marketing. However, the most recent trailer for the show includes an infected human that looks very similar to a type only introduced in the second game: Stalkers. One of their characteristics is that they run around on all fours, silently stalking their prey by sneaking up on them, hence the name. The trailer for The Last of Us shows an infected running on all fours, which could be a hint that Stalkers will be included in the adaptation despite not being featured in the first game.

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