Ex-Cineworld worker spills grim details of job – from back seat sex to 50 Shades

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A former Cineworld worker has opened up on some of the grim details involved with the job.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that working at the big screen could be a bit of a monotonous job.

However, Darren Dowling, better known as social media star Dazza, claims he saw all sorted while working there.

When the lights go down, Darren said many people seem to think that they won’t be caught getting down and dirty.

But he says staff have night vision goggles and won’t hesitate to throw people out.

“If people think they are going up the back and not getting caught, they will,” he told The Sun.

“Somebody was giving oral pleasure in the back corner and there’s a camera in that room and they got spotted within a few minutes.

“The worst part was that it was a film for kids.

Darren said their were kids “just four or five rows in front”, with staff telling the couple that they had to leave the screen.

He then added: “We found condom wrappers – and no condoms – and hundreds of other things in back rows that only staff will ever see.”

Darren was shocked at what he found when some cinemagoers left the screening for raunchy film 50 Shades of Grey.

Talking about going in to clean the cinema after a screening of the film, he said: “It was a normal cleaning sesh and then we got to the back row and we found bananas.

“As it was an 18-rated movie, it wasn’t wee bams – it was all women that had booked seats to sit there.

“We didn’t want to touch them. We got the litter picker to pick them up and put them in a plastic bag, double bagged them and took them straight to the rubbish downstairs.”

We don’t know if we’ll ever look at a banana the same again…

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