Fans Support Derek X For BB Bucks America’s Vote

Big Brother 23 fans are showing their support for Derek Xiao during High Roller’s Room twist where the players receive BB Bucks from America’s vote.

Big Brother 23 fans are already showing their support for Derek Xiao in the new twist involving the players earning BB Bucks to play in the High Roller’s Room. Derek X’s first reign as Head of Household came to an end Thursday night following the fifth live eviction of the summer. Derek ultimately had a successful HOH reign, as his initial plan to backdoor Christian Birkenberger went through, making him the fifth houseguest evicted from the game.

Overall, this Big Brother 23 season has had two different themes. One is the BB Beach Club, while the other is a casino-inspired theme. Thus far, all the competitions and the punishments have been designed around these two differing themes. At the start of BB23, Julie Chen Moonves announced there would be a teams twist, which ended up lasting through the first four weeks of the game. Alas, that initial twist came to an end following Whitney Williams’ eviction last week.

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After the houseguests received one week off from any twists on Big Brother 23, Julie surprised them with another new twist during Thursday night’s live eviction episode. Not long after the episode came to an end, the fans rushed to social media to show their support for Derek Xiao in this new twist. The High Roller’s Room twist involves the houseguests earning BB Bucks through America’s votes. Fans on Twitter have been showing their support for the former HOH in many different and creative ways. For instance, many fans are reminding others to double-check their spelling before sending their submission since there are two houseguests named Derek this year: Derek Xiao and Derek Frazier.

Derek X’s best ally (and possible crush) Hannah Chaddha has also been receiving a ton of support on social media regarding the new twist. Aside from Derek and Hannah, fans would also love for Tiffany Mitchell, who has been playing a strong game thus far, to gain power from this new twist. Some fans have taken their dedication to the next level by creating fake posts claiming that these players are actually their friends or relatives who are in need of help.

On Sunday, more details will be revealed regarding the High Roller’s Room and how many BB Bucks each houseguest had earned within the first week of the twist. The players will then head to the High Roller’s Room to decide whether they want to cash out their BB Bucks to compete in an additional competition with the possibility of earning a game-changing power, or if they’d rather opt out of competing to save their BB Bucks for another week.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

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