Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Texas And Moab Locations Open During Winter

Since the official opening of the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo, over 10,000 guests have experienced one of its four locations in Texas, Moab, New Hampshire, and Las Vegas. While the locations will close for the holidays on December 13th through early January, it won’t be permanent. Thanks to The Bronco Nation, it’s come to light that the Texas and Moab locations will re-open by January 7th, 2022, just as much of the eastern Christian world celebrates the nativity. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas location will reopen on March 1st, and the Gunstock Mountain, New Hampshire location will open in May. Merry Christmas!?

Ford Bronco Off Roadeo
Image via Ford

2022 Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Winter Locations


The Moab and Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo locations will continue to cover everything from off-road recovery to in-vehicle off-road technology, including lockers, sway bar disconnect, 360-degree cameras, and map-terrain onboard applications during the cooler winter months. If you wish to sign up for the winter adventure, head over to the Bronco Off-roadeo website to ensure your seat is reserved.

While customers can’t drive their own Broncos on the courses, there will be no shortage of available options. Most but not all Ford Broncos are eligible, including all two and four-door Ford Bronco trim levels from Base to Badlands. Even the baby Bronco Sport is available to drive across the course, at least the Badlands and First Edition models. It’s important to note that the event isn’t free; however, transportation and lodging are provided. This is an excellent 1.5-day opportunity to have a great time testing the Broncos in two very incredible locations during the cooler months.

The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo locations are sure to pick up traffic in the second half of 2022, as the world awaits the launch of the first-ever Bronco Raptor and limited-run Everglades models. Both of which will elevate the already incredible off-road capabilities of the Bronco brand. Stay tuned.

Ford's Bronco Off-Roadeo has been rejected by Vermont residents who don't want the off-road vehicles running around their town.
Image Via Ford.

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