Ford Bronco Trail Sight Delete Being Developed By The Aftermarket

The Ford Bronco is the automaker’s most aftermarket-friendly SUV to-date. Just about every modular body panel is easily removable for quick and seamless customization, while support for other accessories like grilles, bumpers, fender flares and winches continue to trickle out from the aftermarket. And based on the reception from SEMA, that’s unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Some owners like Terrance Washington, who owns and operates Exhibitions of Speed, have taken modifying their Bronco into their own hands. Per a recent Bronco6G forum post, there is a way to change up the curb appeal of the front end of the popular off-road SUV. And Washington, who originally started his small business primarily to produce Mustang GT350 and GT350R parts, has come up with a Bronco trail sight delete to achieve just that.

Image via Ford Motor Company.

Trail sights come standard on the Ford Bronco and are meant to be both aesthetic and practical in nature. The trail sights are meant to help give drivers a reference point of their Broncos edges when in a tight situation off-road. These trail sights even come on the special edition model Broncos like the Bronco DR race truck, Bronco Raptor, and the recently revealed Bronco Everglades which also sports a subtle snorkel. But, in the customizable spirit of the Bronco, some customers desire something a little more in line with the hood design of the original model from the 1960s, which features a dual fin-like sculpture and no trail sights to speak of.

Oh, and you don’t have to remove the entire hood to make it happen. A simple 10mm socket and wrench are all you need.

The shop owner is said to have a 3D printed prototype ready; however, as far as making these in bulk for customers to buy, Washington is currently trying to overcome his biggest hurdle in finding a U.S. based manufacturer to produce the pieces. The final product is expected to be made of aluminum that can be finished in a Cerakote powder coat or match your Bronco’s paint. Feedback from public forums like Bronco6G and Facebook are a telling sign they will become popular once production starts which Terrance believes will be sometime in April or May of this year.

2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Steven Pham Photography EcoBoost V6 Nano
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