Ford Bronco Upgrades Coming From Icon 4×4, Wheels Teased

The aftermarket scene for the Ford Bronco is white hot right now with accessories and modifications to fit any want, budget, and/or taste. Even the legendary Icon 4×4 is getting involved, a company that’s world renown for making incredible vintage vehicle restorations, especially when it comes to the original Toyota FJ and original Ford Bronco, with custom builds easily surpassing a quarter million dollars. Seeing them fit accessories on a new Bronco is quite the twist, indeed.

Here’s an even bigger surprise, Icon 4×4 founder and owner Jonathan Ward says that he was actually involved in the new Ford Bronco design process since 2016. That would make him intimately knowledgable of the vehicle’s shape, and it appears that he’s finally got one to apply all of his ideas on. And it’s a Bronco First Edition, no less. In Cactus Gray, too.

ICON First Edition Ford Bronco Prototype

The first modification made to the Bronco was the removal of the factory graphic stickers placed on all Ford Bronco First Edition models, perhaps to simplify the look a bit. From there, a set of 18-inch Icon New School forged aluminum wheels with BF Goodrich 35-inch tires were fit onto the vehicle – note the weighted center cap with the recognizable lizard logo.

According to the Instagram post, adjustments still need to be made to install an Icon 4×4 Brembo brake package. Additionally, many plastic parts found throughout the Bronco have been removed, which they plan on using for templates to laser scan and release new designs that will enable a wide range of quality products to outfit custom Broncos and make them more unique. And probably made of metal. Perhaps with tasteful patina? It’s Icon after all.

With all of the companies out there looking to alter Ford’s iconic pony SUV, an entry from Icon stands out. We can’t recall a time where owner Jonathan Ward took an interest in new sheetmetal, so we’ll be watching this project with great interest. Perhaps we’ll even see hints of the upcoming Bronco Heritage Edition in this upcoming Icon build, when it comes time to reveal it.

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