Ford Bronco Van Rendered: Should They Build It?

#vanlife has become increasingly popular over the years as it provides an opportunity for people to see the world and live off the grid. While there are many options out there for people to pursue this lifestyle, capability plays a factor in the extreme places individuals can go. However, what if a Ford Bronco was turned into a van? Well, concept art by Samirs Customs conceptualizes this image with various renderings.

Bronco Van: A Closer Look

The Bronco Van shares many key similarities with a Ford Bronco, as one might expect. From the front end to the rear, there are many queues that show anyone that this is a Bronco, even without the name tag on the front and sides. Additionally, the rendering features a lift kit with giant tires that enables users to travel over virtually any surface to reach some of those problematic yet jaw-dropping locations. It looks like a winch has been placed on the front bumper for those sticky situations and all renderings feature the spare tire, which fits perfectly on the back.

For additional cargo, the back end of a Ford Bronco has been used to create a trailer that matches the color schemes of the Bronco Van’s they’re rendered with. There’s plenty of liveable space within the Bronco Van, and cargo racks also appear in some, which helps manage space while traveling. The renderings feature this crazy yet excellent vehicle in various places from Alaska to Iceland.

If the Bronco Van isn’t your style, there’s the Vangler, a Jeep Wrangler that has been converted into a van through renderings as well. Featuring giant tires, a front winch, and visual queues that make sure people recognize it as a Wrangler. Both concepts feature four doors, two on each side in the center of the Van, which may cause owners to crawl through the vehicle to get into the driver’s seats, but compromises have to be made to explore the world in style.

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