Ford CEO Jim Farley Details New Electric Truck After F-150 Lightning

Ford Motor Company will continue to leverage its pickup truck dominance when it comes to building electric vehicles in the future. While little is known at this point, Ford CEO Jim Farley – racecar driver extraordinaire – has detailed that there are indeed plans for a new battery-electric pickup truck separate from the Ford F-150 Lightning, and it will be built at an upcoming F-Series plant in America.

Per an Automotive News report, this next-generation electric truck will utilize a new platform, and thus will be unrelated to the Ford F-150 Lightning. A Ford spokesperson told Roadshow Autos that this new F-Series truck will be built at BlueOvalCity – the massive, multibillion complex that’s so big it’s in two states: Tennessee and Kentucky.

Electric Pickup Truck F-Seires Ford F-150 Lightning
Image via Ford

First Details On A New Electric Ford F-Series Truck

Ford CEO Jim Farley thinks the upcoming electric truck will be capable of “incredibly high volume,” as the Ford F-150 Lightning is approaching 200,000 reservations – and that’s not counting the F-150 Lightning Pro fleet truck. Demand for the upcoming Lightning is three times higher than what Ford expected, according to Chris Farley’s cousin. The first Ford F-150 Lightning pickup trucks are expected to roll off the Rouge Assembly Complex in the spring of 2022. Customers – 70 percent of them new to Ford – are extremely attracted to the truck’s ability to power homes and appliances – and even other electric vehicles – in the event of a blackout.

Ford Motor Company aims to surpass General Motors in EV sales by year’s end, and is anticipating 600,000 EV sales by 2024. The $11.4 billion BlueOvalCity complex won’t be online until 2025.

Farley equates the company’s vehicle cadence “like a baseball game,” with several heavy hitters coming up to bat on the rotation. While this is led by the Ford F-150 Lightning, there’s also the E-Transit electric van, an upcoming Explorer EV, and the Mustang Mach-E that’s currently on the market. Down the road, an electric Ford Bronco is expected, but that won’t be for a while.

Electric Ford F-150 F-Series Pickup Truck Lightning
Image via Ford
Image via Ford.

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