Ford Dealers Offer Up To $1000 In Aid For Those Waiting On 2021 Bronco

Ford Motor Company and its spanning dealer network know that many 2021 Bronco customers will be waiting a while for their new SUV to be delivered. Some of which have even been deferred to the 2022 model year. So, in what seems to be a new level of customer service, Ford has set aside something called Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds. And it enables Ford dealers from September 1st to June 30th of 2022 access to these funds, and spend as much as $1,000 per 2021 Bronco customer waiting in line.

2021 Ford Bronco Production Michigan Assembly
Image via Ford.

2021 Ford Bronco Customers Still On Hold Getting Big Perks

Per Cars Direct, 2021 Ford Bronco customers must have a valid order ID number, and must not yet have taken delivery of their new SUV. These customers are eligible for Bronco-branded swag (like a hammock), as well as discounts with rental vehicle coverage for those who may be waiting on the Bronco as their daily driving machine. You’ll also be eligible to get your vehicle’s next maintenance check covered.

Ford even suggested to dealers that they buy waiting 2021 Bronco customers “a bottle of their favorite Bourbon or Spirit to thank them for their loyalty and patience.”

The Ford Bronco Customer Satisfaction Funds stands as an elevated level of service from the automaker and its dealer network wants to let their loyal customer base know that they care. Ultimately, Bronco orders aren’t being canceled as it stands, and being in line for one of the most anticipated new vehicles in years has certainly kept Ford on its toes with regards to keeping customers satisfied.

Ford mentions in a letter sent to its dealerships earlier this month  the  “unprecedented demand, production challenges with the roof supplier, and key commodity constraints” are the top reasons for the delay. Nothing the world doesn’t already know. So, if you’re a Bronco customer, keep on hanging on.


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