Ford Files “Rattler” Trademark, Hinting At A Possible New Ford Maverick

Ford filing trademarks for new model names isn’t uncommon these days. Consumers have a taste for off-road performance trucks and SUVs, and the Blue Oval is more than happy to indulge them. We’ve recently covered the latest off road 4×4, the 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline, which adds a whole new level of cool to the family SUV. Ford also renewed their “Splash” trademark, hinting at the return of the original Ranger Splash as an EV pickup. We’re sitting tight waiting for Ford Bronco production to find solid ground while we wait for the Bronco Warthog (or Bronco Raptor) model that sits on 37 inch stock tires. Earlier this week, Ford gave us another glimpse into the future with trademark filings for the “Rattler” name. Ford seems to have all of its off-road-bases loaded, except for the 2022 Ford Maverick, so it’s extremely likely the pickup truck will take the name.

Ford Maverick EcoBoost
Image via Ford

“Ford Maverick Rattler” Sounds Cool

The “Rattler” filing, initially found by CarBuzz, covers usage in categories relating to pickup trucks, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and off-road vehicles. Official comment from Ford didn’t disclose the reasoning or intent of the filing, per Motor1.

The Rattler name *could* be a Ford Maverick trim level, along with an expected Timberline variant and perhaps an OTX model. The Timberline is least cryptic, based on the recipe we see from the Ford Explorer Timberline. A Ford Maverick Raptor is not expected.

The 2022 Ford Maverick will be offered in three different trims with two power plant options. The XL, XLT, and Lariat can all be had with the 2.5L hybrid engine or the 2.0L EcoBoost engine. There’s plenty of room in the Maverick lineup for a performance model, and it will be interesting to see what engine Ford deems appropriate for an off-roader variant.

Other Possibilities

The Rattler name is a new one for Ford Motor Company, and while speculation is leaning Maverick, there’s no reason why it can’t find itself on the next-generation Ford Ranger, or perhaps a variant of the Ford F-150 Lightning. Or, it could be something like a SEMA concept. Soon enough, we’ll know.


2022 Ford Maverick Fender Up Close XLT
Image via Ford.

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