Ford Flexbed Trademark Hints At New Storage System

Automakers are a notoriously sneaky bunch. As one might expect, these companies try to keep future products under wraps for as long as possible, with varying degrees of success. That said, there are a few ways to go about trying to dig stuff up before these automakers are ready to share. One of the ways to do this involves the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where automakers often file paperwork for new products and tech under development. Thanks to a bit of digging on our end, we have some interesting news to share about a recent USPTO filing made by Ford that could be destined for the F-Series. Here is what we understand about the Ford Flexbed trademark.

Ford's recent trademark filing with the USPTO for the Ford Flexbed could hint at an upcoming storage system.
Image Via USPTO

The Ford Flexbed principal trademark filing was made on February 17, and is currently marked as live by the USPTO. In the goods and services section of the document, the Ford Flexbed is described as an “organizational system for cargo area of vehicles,”. Based on the name itself, this leads us to believe it will have something to do with the Ford F-Series lineup. More specifically, it should relate to either the tailgate or the bed itself.

Last year, Ford was spotted prototyping various multifunction tailgates, leading to the expectation that the offering will eventually make its way to the F-Series family.

Let’s start with the tailgate possibility. General Motors and Ram both currently offer multifunction tailgate designs for their half-ton pickup trucks, while Ford does not. It is possible then that the Flexbed trademark could represent the Blue Oval’s attempt to keep up with their competitors in the ever-intense pickup segment. That said, perhaps the term Flexgate would have been a name better choice for this specific feature.

Image Via GM.

The Ford Flexbed trademark could also hint at the company’s attempt to combat another offering from Ram with a potential F-150 feature. More specifically, the Ram Box cargo storage system. Built into the sides of the bed itself, these lockable storage containers give truck owners a place to store valuable tools and other equipment. Think of them as like a bed-mounted toolbox but straight from the factory. Based on the USPTO filing, this could be a likely outcome from Ford.

While we don’t have any concrete evidence as to what sort of feature this trademark is referring to, we’re willing to bet it has to do with one of those options. The real question is, which feature would you rather see adopted by the Ford Truck lineup? Let us know down below.

Ford's recent trademark filing with the USPTO for the Ford Flexbed could hint at an upcoming storage system.
Image Via Ram.

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