Ford GT May Soon Offer Hood Scoop, Fender Vents From Mk II Track Car

During the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford Performance and partner Multimatic revealed the Ford GT Mk II. Only 45 of them will ever be made, and they will each start at $1.2 million USD, before options, such as a passenger seat. This unhinged, unconstrained version of the Ford GT race car sees a 400 percent downforce increase from the retired FIA/IMSA race car, thanks to a properly sized rear wing that looks like it came off a warplane, plus other regulation-free bits of bodywork. Combined with a track-specific Multimatic DSSV suspension system and Michelin race tires, this race-car-turned-supercar-turned-track-toy can pull an incredible 2G through a turn.

The Ford GT Mk II also sees a power boost of 200 hp from the race car, totaling 700 hp from its midship mounted 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. This is thanks to improvements with airflow and cooling, highlighted by a massive rear-mounted scoop above the engine bay. The GT Mk II is also a full 200 pounds lighter compared to the street legal version.

Despite the GT Mk II not being road legal, some of these high performance parts could find themselves on a send-off version of the Ford GT, which ends production in 2022 with a (sold-out) production cap of 1,350 units. And, based in photos published on a Facebook group by user Reed Miller, it’s very likely that’s the case.

Ford GT Mk II Hood Scoop Multimatic Spy Shots
Image credit Reed Miller, via Facebook.

Former Ford Performance Leader Hinted At Ford GT Mk II Parts For Street Car

Adding to the photo proof is our exclusive interview from 2020 with Ford Icons group leader Dave Pericak, who was formerly head of Ford Performance.

“We always up the game,” said Pericak to MC&T, when asked about what’s in the pipeline for the Ford GT supercar during the 2020 Chicago Auto Show – the last industry show since the COVID-19 pandemic put a year-plus long pause on things. “There are some things you could do (to bring Ford GT Mk II hardware to the street car) but we don’t wanna get it out of whack,” he said at the time.

Image credit Reed Miller, via Facebook.

Perhaps the massive wing will stay on the Ford GT Mk II for the sake of “not getting it out of whack”. But it definitely looks like the hood scoop and fender extractor vents are being tested on a manufacturer-plated GT for road use, which also appears to have design cues of the GT Studio Collection Edition, as well as Multimatic branding. It’s impossible to tell if there are horsepower upgrades to the 3.5L EcoBoost V6, but we can speculate that it’s plausible.

Rumors from a few years ago eluded that the Ford Performance team is planning a special sendoff variant of the Ford GT supercar before production ceases in 2022. It’s unclear if it will be able to exceed the output of the 760 horsepower found in the 2021 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, which is the most powerful production car the automaker has ever built.

We’ve reached out to Ford for comment, and we’ll update this story if we get any further clarification.

Ford GT Mk II Goodwood Festival Of Speed
Ford GT Mk II. Image via Ford.

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