Ford Mustang Blackout Package Might Be Called ‘Dark Horse’

Ford has recently applied for a trademark for the name “Mustang Dark Horse” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, hinting at a new trim for the Ford Mustang lineup. The filing could be for a model set to arrive with the seventh-generation Mustang. However, the Dark Horse name will more likely be applied to Ford’s new Black Accent Package, which includes black-painted wheels, block pony badges, and a black-painted wing. Hmmmm.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse: Trademark Details

The trademark filing 018721280 is for the use of the “Mustang Dark Horse” name. Unfortunately, it is only for Europe so we won’t be getting the new black-out appearance here in North America. At least not that we know of as of yet. If we do, it at least won’t have the excellent name that the customers buying the iconic muscle car will have across the Atlantic.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse

Ford hasn’t given any official comments on the name yet, but we expect that the new accent package will be offered on both the all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover and the fastback Mustang. Pricing for the package hasn’t been revealed yet, but it likely won’t be significantly higher than the regular Mustang and Mach-E.

The all-black aesthetic is a popular one that various automakers have flirted with to some degree over the years. Some have even offered blacked-out badging on their vehicles for the customers that don’t particularly want an all-black aesthetic but still want blacked-out features as opposed to the mainstream chrome look. The Ford Mustang Dark Horse appearance will likely be popular as the car will be entirely shrouded in black aesthetics, likely without any chrome features on the exterior. Whether Ford plans to do anything for the interior remains to be seen. Still, if it’s only the exterior, we doubt many customers will complain as the name is fantastic and gives plenty of reason to spend a little extra money.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse

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