Ford Performance Cobra Jet Intake Manifold Pricing

It wasn’t that long ago that we learned that Ford Performance had redeveloped the popular Cobra Jet Intake Manifold for the 5.0L Coyote V8 after the previous iteration had flown off the shelves. Ford Performance decided to bring it back with an updated design to improve efficiency, but we didn’t have any inclination as to what the pricing for the intake would be. Until now.

Ford Performance has finally listed the legendary Cobra Jet intake manifold on their website, and though it’s not yet available to order, we know that it’ll cost $1,500. However, that still may be cheaper than some people have spent on buying an older secondhand version of the intake. Plus, this one is better than the original. FP discovered some issues with the original Ford Mustang Jet Intake, which resulted in retooling the upper part (the Plenum). Since they were already retooling the jet, they also decided to give it a redesign.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Intake

New Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Intake: Details

The new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet intake has improved packaging and features ribbing over the middle top of the intake. Additionally, the original had a fully opened plenum, but now we can see two openings with this one meant to improve the throttle response for the Coyote V8. According to the website, the runners are tuned for 7,750 RPM peak power and designed and tested to 20+ PSI. This intake aims to enable customers to achieve less than ten second quarter mile times with improved performance.

Ford Performance has been working on bringing this part back for some time, as they’ve already completed all the testing. Production has already begun, and we can expect to see the intake become available as early as next month. Customers interested in buying can sign up to get notified when the product is available through a text message, providing their number after clicking the Buy Now button on the product page.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Intake

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