Ford Performance Is Bringing Back The Mustang Cobra Jet Intake

For a limited time, people could purchase a Cobra Jet Intake for their Ford Mustangs, but as it was a trendy item. It flew off the shelves. However, a video posted by REVan Evan on YouTube has revealed that Ford has a new Mustang Cobra Jet Intake for the Coyote V8 on the way.

New Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Intake: Details

This new Ford Performance intake isn’t just the old one being brought back to the store but also features some improvements. Some issues were discovered with the original Ford Mustang Jet Intake, resulting in FP retooling the intake’s upper part (the Plenum). Since they were going about retooling the jet, they decided to give it a redesign as well. They improved the packaging and worked out the kinks of the original. Compared to the old one, the newer intake features ribbing over the middle top of the intake. Additionally, the original had a fully opened plenum, but now we can see two openings with this one which is meant to improve throttle response for the Coyote V8.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Intake

Ford Performance has been working on bringing this part back for some time, as they’ve already completed all the testing, and the part we see in the video is pretty much the finished product minus the logo, which may receive some changes. Production has already begun as well, and we can expect to see the intake become available on the Ford Performance website as early as next month.

This is excellent news if you have been in the market for a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Intake for the Coyote V8. Finally, you won’t have to pay an outrageous price for a used one sold second-hand. Ford Performance doesn’t have a specific retail price for the new engine part just yet, but they will be making it around the same as it originally was, which is $800-$900. Not a bad price for some significant performance gains to obtain less than ten second quarter mile times.

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