Ford Performance Parts Adds Two Tremec TKX 5-Speed Transmissions

Ford Performance has added two new aftermarket Tremec five-speed manual transmissions to its parts catalog, further offering options for custom car builders. The TKX is the latest five-speed transmission from Tremec, and was built specifically for the aftermarket. Weighing just 99 pounds, the TKX is physically smaller than the TKO, and offers a number of differences based on customer feedback.

The Tremec TKX transmission is offered with two different overdrive gear ratios to better suit the build, 0.68:1 and 0.81:1. The wider ratio will offer higher top speed or lower cruising RPM, while the shorter ratio offers better acceleration.

Ford Performance Transmission
TREMEC TKX 5-speed manual transmission

The other four gear ratios remain the same no matter which option you pick, which means 2.87 1st gear, 1.89 2nd gear, 1.28 3rd gear, and a 1:1 4th gear. The gears have also been made wider than those in the older TKO to improve durability.

The smaller case of the TKX makes it much easier to swap into older muscle cars or trucks without requiring cutting. Hybrid carbon/bronze synchronizers make 7,500 rpm possible, and either trans can support up to 600 lb.-ft. of torque.

Both transmissions can easily be installed behind Ford 302/351 engines or 4.6/5.0/5.2/5.4 modular engines using the corresponding bell housing. The cost of all of this excellent is $3,395.00, and both transmissions are now available to order now through Ford Performance.

Either box would be perfect to install in a vintage Mustang or F-100, or perhaps even as a replacement for an automatic transmission if you’re a real ambitious soul.

Ford Performance Transmission
TREMEC TKX 5-speed manual transmission

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